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Doing Research, Planning, Strategizing, Creating Products, Content, Designs, SEO, Newsletters, Social Media, E-Commerce
 we measure everything because


Business is there to make a profit.
So to grow your business we find opportunities, make adjustments, experiment, analyze and go with what works.
Social Media

Straight marketing

Marketing is the skill of providing the right answers to the right people at the right time.


Reward Curiosity
Provide Value
Solve Problems
Build Relationships
Build Authority


Search for answers
Get Inspired
Take Action
Join Communities
Share Experiences


Is Limited
Develops Sentiment
Perpetuates Beliefs
Cements Relationships
Offers Stability

This is how we deliver your Business value.

These are the principles we breathe and live by. That's how we deliver results.


The more you learn, the more you earn. We learn for you, your company. We learn from your market and from your competitors.


One can't have the things he doesn't understand.
Everyone can see what works. It's more about understanding why it works.


Failure to plan is planning to fail.
Achieving any goal requires taking sequential steps in the right direction.


Others see what is and ask why. We see what could be and ask why not.


Learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist. What stands out wins.


A pinch of "because..." is worth more than a pound of "I think." Certainty is a guarantee of success.


If you really look closely, most "overnight" successes took a very long time and required a lot of tweaking.

Scale up

What works on a large scale is different from scaling what works, but doing more of what worked best usually works best.


Others may impress you with prettier and more professional reports. We work on achieving your bottom line

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?
Work methodology and work ethic. We work until the job gets done and not until 5 p.m. Also our holistic approach to marketing, speed of adaptation to market changes, creativity in creating solutions, partner service, multifaceted cooperation, lack of restrictions, obstacles, and difficulties.

We did not find such services on the market, so we created them, and now we help those who need services like ours.
What type of marketing do you specialize in?
We specialize in creating and implementing solutions, not pointing to more problems and excuses.

For example, let's say your sales have decreased and you ask your in-house marketing team to help with that.

They inform you that there were no new products in the last quarter so nothing new to write about. Your SEO agency informs you that you need to spend another $5000 in addition to what you already spend every month to rank higher. Social Media specialist tells you to hire a photo agency to create new creations and increase collaboration with influencers.

None of them tells you what to do now with your dropping sales, because no specialist can provide real solutions beyond the scope of his specialization. So in addition to the one problem you had when you asked your specialists for solutions, now you have more problems with all the other things each specialist brought to your attention. These are not solutions.
These are more problems.

Usually to solve that problem you just need to take a step back and look at the big picture. 

Fewer people in the pipeline, recent change in suppliers, new customer service employees, or perhaps damage control after a series of published reviews. 

It is always good to

We focus on your problem, real bottlenecks, and identifying the root causes of your problem.
We fix the causes, not the symptoms, consult them, create solutions and implement them for you immediately.

This is our specialty.
Do you only do projects or can we establish permanent contractual cooperation with you?
We deal with both projects and permanent contractual cooperation.
Most of the stable marketing results are the outcome of developing improved processes based on a strategy defined by historical data.

With complete confidence, we offer our expertise and implementation to deliver value today. And if we find our cooperation bilaterally beneficial there is a possibility of making it permanent. 
Will you help with Social Media?
Of course, but first, we need to find out if social media will have the greatest impact on your business at the moment.

Marketing is not about doing everything and being everywhere. Marketing is about being where your customers are, but not where your competition is looking for them.

If every competitor is focused on social media, let's try less saturated customer acquisition channels first.
Do you have a portfolio or samples of work done in similar cases?
Sure we do!

Just contact us and ask, and we will provide everything you need.
It is quite possible that you will also receive a dedicated sample of our capabilities, as a welcome gift.
Who will be responsible for creating the content needed for implementation?
Us! You! We can work together! It depends on the arrangements and requirements.

There are two very important factors for the attention of your audience.

1. Your audience is familiar with the content that has already been created and to some extent that is the reason they buy.

2. Your audience is bored with the content that has already been created and to some extent that is the reason why they don't buy.

We will help in both of these scenarios. Always as part of our work, we will prepare our alternative version of a marketing creation to find out what performs better, how to move forward, and why.
How much commitment will be required from our side?
As much as you need or want to offer.

We know that it takes time to build trust, but things need to happen and work has to be done despite the time it takes to develop that trust.

If we have agreed to deliver a specific result and we are to deliver it. We will do the missing work ourselves to deliver results. The exception is access to company tools or company materials.

We've worked with agencies in the past that got paid, did not deliver results, and after being asked told us they have been waiting for materials to start working on our project. Of course, they blame the customer for this state of affairs, who has to pay anyway despite not benefiting from any provided value.

We founded this agency to create solutions and deliver value, not to generate costs and shift responsibility.
Where can I find a price list?
From research to results, everything is tailored to your needs.

Where you operate, how big your market is, how many direct competitors you have and many other factors affect the scope of activities necessary for achieving your goals.

None of our solutions are copied from our other partners, nor do we use standardized, widely available solutions. Everything you will receive is ideated, created, and developed for you specifically. 

What is unique, stands out.

Of course, we will determine the total price offer thanks to a joint analysis of needs during our conversation and onboarding, and we will present it for approval upfront, with no hidden costs.
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